Allschool Review Summary

Allschool is a teacher marketplace hiring Native English Speakers to deliver personalized classes to children internationally. No formal qualifications are required, though teaching experience in your subject is recommended. Teachers can set their own pay rate, class length, and there are no minimum hours required.

Pay (per hour):$5-$180*
Location / language requirements?Native English Speakers**
Degree / diploma required?Preferred
Teaching certificate required?Preferred
Teaching experience required?Preferred
Student age (Adults/Children)?Children 3-18
Class size:1v1/small groups
Minimum availability (per week):0
*Set by tutor. $50 average according to company
**USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

Allschool Pros and Cons


  • Teachers are given the autonomy to deliver personalized courses with their own material 
  • Teachers set their own pay rate 
  • No minimum teaching hours are required
  • Class length determined by the teacher
  • Lower commission rate than other teacher marketplaces


  • Commission charged by the company on classes
  • Teachers must be Native English Speakers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand
  • No pre-made curriculum
  • It takes longer for new teachers to attract students to their classes

Is Allschool Legit?

Allschool is a relatively young online learning platform from Singapore that launched towards the end of 2021. It boasts over 7,000 accredited teachers, more than 11,000 enrolled students, and covers 120+ countries. The company’s legitimacy is underlined by winning the 2022 SBR National Business Award for Education, and it currently has a Trustpilot score of 4.5 out of 5.

About Allschool Online Teaching

Allschool is an online teacher marketplace that delivers interactive, small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, tutors can choose to deliver a variety of live classes and courses, including subjects such as mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more. Allschool state that their focus involves providing evidence-based, interactive, and personalized online learning to children across the globe. Allschool value the importance of providing multiple learning choices and tools to students through this online platform. 

Allschool Lessons

Allschool promotes three different types of classes:

One-time classes

  • One-time classes are delivered as individual lessons, not as part of a series or course. Parents pay individually to enrol their children in this class type. 

Multi-day classes

  • Multi-day classes cover more extensive topics that are required to be split into smaller sections, but have a definite amount of classes. For example, a five-class course on algebra. 

Ongoing classes

  • Ongoing classes allow teachers and students to meet weekly. Children are welcome to join at any time, without needing to know the previous material. Students may also withdraw at any time. Ongoing classes typically have an overall theme that is consistent, allowing students to join at any time without having to know the content from the previous class. These courses are paid for via subscriptions. 

If you choose to teach with Allschool, the company will allow you to deliver practically any topic that you are confident with, including, but not limited to:

  • Arts
  • English (and/or ESL)
  • Life skills
  • Math
  • Languages 
  • Coding & technology 
  • Science & nature
  • Health and wellness 
  • Music
  • Social studies

All content must first be pre-approved by Allschool.

Whilst a majority of Allschool students are 4 to 9 years old, students can range anywhere from ages 3 to 18.

Allschool Teaching Platform

Powered by ClassPod, Allschool provides resources, premade slides, and hundreds of built-in game templates, with which teachers can create and teach their own courses. Zoom is an alternative option for delivering classes, though Allschool charges a higher commission for using this platform over ClassPod (15% as opposed to 10%). Allschool’s vision involves delivering purpose-built teaching and learning tools, providing meaningful learning outcomes, allowing students to be immersed through a gamified, interactive environment that encourages each child to pursue their own interests. 

Allschool Salary Information

Tutors decide how much to charge per student, per class, as well as the length of the class. This can vary widely, with teachers charging anywhere between $2.50 and $90 for a 25-minute session. Allschool claims that its tutors earn an average of $50 an hour.

Like other teacher marketplaces, Allschool deducts a commission from all earnings, though this is currently lower than many competitors at 10% if one teaches on ClassPod and 15% for using Zoom.

Follow this link to read the Allschool payment policy in more detail.

How and When Does Allschool Pay?

Currently, Allschool supports payments through bank/wire transfers and Paypal, according to the teacher’s location. 

Teachers are paid on the following Tuesday, at least 7 days after their session.

Allschool Hours

No minimum teaching hours are required, and tutors decide their own schedules. However, Allschool recommends that teachers make themselves available for the following peak hours (all in Singapore time):

  • 6am – 10am (targeting US East Coast)
  • 10am – 1pm (targeting US West Coast)
  • 6pm – 9pm (targeting Singapore)

Is Allschool Hiring?

As a relatively new company, Allschool is currently eager to hire teachers to expand its reach internationally. To apply for an Allschool jobs, you can follow this link.

Allschool Teaching Requirements

Here are the Allschool teacher requirements:

  • Teachers must be native English speakers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand.
  • You can teach from anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection and good teaching equipment.
  • Self-made lessons are preferred.
  • While a degree/diploma is not mandatory, it is heavily recommended to have some teaching experience before applying. 

Allschool Teacher Application Process

  1. To begin the Allschool application process, visit their website and select ‘Teach on Allschool’.
  2. Then choose the ‘I am a teacher’ option to create an account.
  3. After entering your email address, click ‘Code’. A registration code will be sent to you via your provided email. Once you input the given code, you will be able to set your password. 
  4. You will be required to submit some personal information, alongside your educational and teaching background. Take note that the nationality you enter on the application form will determine the language Allschool uses to communicate with you.
  5. Selecting ‘Save draft’ will redirect you to the home page, saving your edited information in the process. Selecting ‘Submit’ will submit your page for review, and it will be labelled as ‘Under review’.

If unsuccessful during the application stage, you will be provided with the reason(s). You will then be able to revise any necessary information before resubmitting. 

Upload your Allschool Demo Video

You will be given the opportunity to create and upload a 5 to 8 minute demo video, in mp4 format, with the maximum file size being 200MB.

The Allschool video is an opportunity to showcase your teaching skills. It will only be used for hiring purposes; parents and students do not see this video. For a how-to guide covering the essential components of producing an effective demo, you can watch the following video series:

Allschool also provides a useful sample video demonstrating the importance of engaging students with a fun, energetic personality. After introducing herself, the teacher greets her students by name and welcomes them to the class. She clearly identifies the subject of the lesson, going on to outline the lesson objectives. During the entirety of the demo, her energy is high, using aids to demonstrate the learning and praising students. You can follow this sample Allschool demo video as a useful reference point:

Once your demo video is successfully uploaded, you can click ‘Submit’.

While you are able to check the review status of your video on the homepage, you are unable to make edits while it is under review.

If your demo video is rejected, you can make changes based on the given reasons, and then resubmit your video.

Allschool Background Check

  • After successfully completing your Allschool demo video, you will be required to complete the ID Verfication and Educational Background Check.
  • The ID Verification requires you to upload a frontal photo of your ID card or passport, alongside a selfie with you holding said ID card/passport. After uploading the files, click ‘Submit’, which will mark your documents as being ‘under review’.
  • The Educational Background Check requires you to fill in your degree(s), schools attended, and any major education / industry certificates.
  • You can check the review status on the homepage. While your submission is under review, you are not able to edit any of the provided information. If the review fails, Allschool will provide you with the reason, allowing a chance for you to check and resubmit the relevant details.

Making an Effective Teaching Allschool Profile

Once your Background Check has been cleared, you will be able to complete your profile. Select the ‘Profile’ tab located at the top of the Teachers’ Workbench.

On the ‘Profile’ page, go to the ‘Personal Profile’ section located under the ‘About Me’ tab. Select ‘Edit’ to fill out your Allschool profile.

An effective Allschool teaching profile will include a detailed bio that focuses on teaching experience and academic credentials. It should also have an ‘about me’ section that illustrates your teaching experience and academic credentials. You can include some fun facts about yourself, highlighting your experiences and skills, while also conveying your enthusiasm and personality. Here is a general outline to follow:

  • Basic introduction (name, general location, etc.) 
  • Educational background (degrees/certificates/credentials)
  • Teaching and other related experience 
  • Interests (showcase your personality)
  • Areas of expertise – tell students and parents what to expect from you, such as your best qualities within teaching, goals, life skills, why you chose to teach and what you wish to impart

Allschool Reviews – What Is It Like Teaching for Allschool?

As a relatively new company, there are only a few Allschool job reviews currently listed on Glassdoor and Indeed. The Allschool Glassdoor page gives the company a perfect score of 5 stars and 100% recommendation from its first 8 reviews. Here is a summary of the positive and negative comments from the Allschool teacher reviews on there, most notably that it is a friendly and supportive company though the system can be unstable:

  • Advantagaes:
    • “The whole team is AMAZING!!! They listen to you, they care about you! The best part is, they are always patient!”
    • “New platform, not as saturated yet with opportunities to grow your business – Staff is extremely responsive and supportive. They do listen! – Technology is upgrading fast
    • “The people in the company are very friendly and it’s an excellent company!”
    • “the staff REALLY cares about every teacher in ALLSCHOOL, and I’ve got 105 students now, and there are so many promption activities for me to get more enrollments. ESPECIALLY, the course team is really excellent, cuz [sic] they know how to get our courses approved more easily.”
  • Disadvantages:
    • Hope their system could be more stable”
    • “Product needs to be further improved, some important functions such as rescheduling is not yet available – Student base is still growing”
    • “I want the system to be more stable in the future.”
    • “Although I had many enrollments now, I really hope I could get more.”

There is only a single Allschool Indeed review at this time, which is a lot more moderate offering a score of 3 out of 5. It concurs with the other opinions that the company is positive towards its teachers, but competition for students can be high:

Allschool Indeed review

Elsewhere, ‘Teacher Lena’ on Youtube agrees that ‘new time teachers on the platform will take a while to get students to join [their] classes’ but praises the fact that teachers have ‘sole control over [their] virtual classroom’:

Conclusion – Is Allschool Worth It?

Being a relatively new company, Allschool offers an exciting opportunity for teachers to take advantage of a less-saturated platform, though competition is increasing as the word gets out. Teachers are able to utilise their passions and offer personalized courses based on their specific interests, autonomy which might be attractive for more experienced teachers. However, if you are just entering this industry or are looking for something more prescriptive, with a premade curriculum to follow, then you may wish to consider other more-established companies. Regardless, it would certainly be worth applying to multiple platforms to increase your chances of consistent students and income, and Allschool might be a useful addition to such a portfolio.

You can apply to Allschool here.

A list of other teaching jobs can be found here.

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