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AntiSchool is a Ukraine-based ESL company teaching adults and children 1v1 and in groups of up to 12. No mandatory qualifications or experience are required to apply if you possess a ‘high level’ of English, though the pay is low ($10/hr max), you must commit to 20 hours a week, and the longest classes last 90 minutes.

Pay (per hour):USD $3 – $10
Language requirements?‘High level’ of English
(Non-Native English Speakers accepted)
Degree/diploma required?No degree required
Teaching certificate required?No teaching certificate required
Teaching experience required?No experience required
Student ages?Children (4+) and adult students
Class sizes:1v1, and groups of up to 12 students
Class length:30-90 minutes
Minimum commitment (per week):20 hours

AntiSchool Pros and Cons


  • Open to both Native and Non-Native Speakers possessing a ‘high level’ of English
  • No formal qualifications or experience are required to apply
  • Application is a short form or email
  • A variety of work available beyond student teaching, e.g. teacher training, course development, and content creation


  • Low rate of pay
  • High minimum hours commitment (20 per week)
  • 90-minute group lessons are long and can contain up to 12 students
  • Small sample of teacher experiences shared thus far
  • Uncertainty over the country’s future and how this might impact the company

Is AntiSchool Legit?

AntiSchool Online, previously known as QuestEng, is a legitimate ESL company that was incorporated in the UK in 2021 though it operates out of Ukraine (the same registered address is listed in their website’s privacy policy). They claim to have had over 10,000 students graduate, with another 1,500 currently enrolled and overseen by 150 employees and 300 teachers.

AntiSchool English courses are designed to meet CEFR standards and are primarily aimed at Ukrainian children and adults (though they are trying to expand into other countries, such as Poland). They include:

Antischool ESL classes are conducted one-on-one or in groups of up to 12 students and provide total immersion in the English language, using gamification to assist with memorization. Children’s lessons incorporate cartoons and songs, while adults discuss ‘life topics’ such as cinema, famous people, careers, mental health, and social issues.

To add variety to the job, Antischool teachers may switch between these formats, and also supplement their teaching with other educational tasks such as teacher training, writing lesson plans, conducting methodological work for course development, or assisting the marketing department in content creation.

Departmental communication is carried out through Telegram Messenger, while teaching through the interactive AntiSchool platform is demonstrated in this video:

AntiSchool Salary Information

The AntiSchool teacher salary is quite low, ranging from USD $3-$10 an hour, depending on qualifications and nationality (for example, several South Africans are paid the lowest rate of $3, as reported in this Facebook group and quoted below).

AntiSchool teacher salary for South Africans, reported on Facebook

AntiSchool Hours and Schedule

Antischool one-on-one classes last 50 minutes and are scheduled at times to suit the student, while group classes are 90 minutes and take place at set times – 10:30, 14:30 and 19:00 (Eastern European Standard Time) – four days a week. Trial lessons for younger learners (4-7 years) are 30 minutes long.

Teachers must provide availability of at least 20 open hours each week.

Requirements to Become an AntiSchool Teacher

There are very few AntiSchool requirements needed to apply beyond several soft skills:

  • If you have little experience in teaching, it’s okay.
  • The main thing is your desire to work in the educational field and knowledge of the English language at a high communication level.
  • You should also:
    • Possess an ability to motivate students.
    • Love to communicate.
    • Constantly develop in your profession.
    • Want to help people speak English, not just learn the rules.
    • Have excellent spoken English, experience of communicating and working with foreigners, and practice abroad.
    • Like the English-speaking environment (e.g. movies, music, shows, podcasts, articles) and meeting new people.
    • Be interested in the development of a creative, non-standard, and unique project.

You will need to already have, or be willing to sign up for, a Telegram account to communicate within the company.

What Is the AntiSchool Hiring Process?

AntiSchool is actively hiring new ESL teachers due to an increasing number of students. If you are interested, then there is an AntiSchool application form to complete online with the following details:

  • Email address
  • Name and Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number (including international code)
  • Nickname in Telegram
  • Country of Residence
  • Your level of English
  • How did you hear about the vacancy?
  • Certificates confirming knowledge of English (if applicable)
  • Teaching experience (number of years)
  • Do you speak or teach any other languages? (Check only if your level is at least A2)
  • Experience preparing for international exams (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, BEC, etc)?

Alternatively (or if the link expires), here is an email address for the AntiSchool ESL hiring team: [email protected].

Successful AntiSchool applicants will later have to create a short introduction video of around 1 minute that will be shown to prospective students or their parents, similar to this:

AntiSchool Reviews – What Is It Like Working for AntiSchool Online?

AntiSchool ESL reviews on Glassdoor give the company an overall rating of 4 out of 5, with 33% willing to recommend them (though this comes from just 5 AntiSchool Online reviews that have been shared to date). They reveal positive opinions regarding Antischool’s professionalism, administration, teaching materials, and reliable payment system, though there are complaints concerning the low level of pay and amount of time it can take to build up student bookings:

  • Advantages:
    • “A good company to work with.”
    • “They are professional and trustworthy. My salary is always on time and never experienced any problems with them.”
    • “good materials to work with”
    • “The interviewer and the administrators are friendly and nice.”
  • Disadvantages:
    • “The pay is not great.”
    • “I don’t have any Cons”
    • “no cons for me”
    • “It will take some time to get studentsSet proper expectations to new tutors that the student assignment might take weeks or months.”

Conclusion – Is AntiSchool Online Worth It for Teachers?

Antischool’s lack of requirements might make them attractive to new teachers who have yet to build much online experience. However, it comes at the cost of a low rate of pay which is simply unliveable for many parts of the world. You will find higher-paying companies in our full list of online teaching jobs.

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