Edukita Review Summary

Edukita is an Indonesia-based ESL company offering Native Speakers $18-20 per hour to teach children in large-group online classes. While no degree or teaching certificate is required, you must have 3 years of online ESL experience. There is no written feedback, but the schedule is fairly inflexible.

Pay (per hour):$18-20
Native / Non-Native Speakers accepted?Native
TEFL / TESOL / CELTA required?No
Degree / diploma required?No
Adult / child students?Children
Class size:6-40
Minimum hours (per week):0

Edukita Pros and Cons


  • One of the better-paying companies outside of China
  • No degree or teaching certificate is required
  • Don’t over-hire, to ensure teaching hours are available
  • No after-class feedback
  • Direct communication with company owners (as a small start-up) – open to teacher input
  • Curriculum provided – can contribute but don’t have to
  • Material can be carried over across lessons if not finished


  • Must have 3 years of online ESL experience
  • Some very large group classes (up to 40 students) – no one-on-one options
  • 1-hour classes run back-to-back
  • Schedule not flexible – company sets the class times with a month-long commitment
  • Can take time to process applications as a small company
  • Teachers must have high energy

Is Edukita Legit?

Edukita is a small but legitimate start-up based in Jakarta. They currently only have around 10 teachers offering online ESL classes to predominantly Indonesian students from pre-school up to high school.

Edukita Online Teaching

Edukita English lessons are conducted online via Zoom and using Google Slides, with teaching materials provided by the company. These materials can contain errors, so it’s advisable to check them before class, and teacher input is welcomed though not expected.

Edukita offers large group classes of between 6-40 students and lasting one hour (there is no one-on-one option). Students are currently grouped around age (pre-school to high school), however, there are plans to move towards level grouping which should reduce the class size. There is, however, a co-teacher responsible for managing the chat functions and any disruptive students, allowing you to focus on delivering the lesson materials.

There are various types of Edukita ESL classes to teach, including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and conversational, with new ones continually added. Students sign up for 4 weeks at a time, with each lesson building off the previous one, so you can carry materials over if you need to spend more time checking comprehension, for example.

One perk that saves time and effort after class is that Edukita does not require any written feedback from its teachers.

Edukita Pay / Salary

Edukita teacher pay starts at US$18-20 per hour. There is the potential for increases based upon the number of classes taught and positive parent feedback. There is no bonus scheme currently.

Edukita pay their teachers once a month via Venmo.

Edukita Hours

Edukita teach after school, between 4-10pm (Western Indonesia Time) on weekdays, and 8am-10pm on weekends, with 30-minute breaks for Islamic prayer times.

Classes are one-hour long, and you’ll see the same students weekly at the same time for 4 weeks (as they subscribe for a month). The schedule is arranged 1-2 weeks before the start of the month, and is not flexible; you must make yourself available at the company’s set times if you want to teach the classes.

Be aware that if you teach multiple classes, they can run back-to-back without any breaks, which is quite intensive as each lasts an hour.

There are also weekly 45-minute team meetings, which are paid.

Should there be an emergency or you get sick, the co-teacher can fill in, but as Edukita is a small company they have no formal substitute system and rely on their teachers being dependable.

Edukita Requirements

To become an Edukita teacher, you must be a Native English Speaker with 3 years of online ESL experience (preferably teaching group classes). No degree/diploma or teaching certificate is essential, however.

Edukita Application Process

To apply for Edukita jobs, visit their website and click on either the ‘Apply to Become A Teacher’ or the ‘Join Us Now!’ button. You will then be presented with an application form where you will be asked to submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • In a few sentences, tell us a bit more about you
  • Why are you interested in joining Edukita?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Do you have an Instagram page/LinkedIn profile/any other social media account?
  • Do you have a link or a recording to your recent class?
  • What questions do you have for us?

Edukita holds applications until they are ready to recruit new teachers, so it may take a few weeks to hear back from them as to whether you’re invited to attend an online interview on Zoom. It can similarly take 1-2 weeks to hear the outcome of the interview, as they’ll make a decision after interviewing batches of teachers.

While you are not required to perform a live teaching demo as part of the Edukita application process, it will help you stand out if you send the optional teaching video when you submit your initial form. The company likes to see high energy, but use of props or rewards is not expected for their lessons.

Edukita Reviews

As a small, newer start-up, there are very few reviews currently available from employees of Edukita. The video below provides some basic information from Teacher Britta, though as she is recruiting for the company she doesn’t really give any insight as to whether there are potential negatives to working there:

Conclusion – Is Edukita Worth It?

Edukita is one of the better-paying non-China companies, worth considering for the many teachers looking for alternatives outside that country. No written feedback is a positive, as is the fact that they don’t over-hire or require specific qualifications, though the need for 3 years of online ESL experience will prohibit many. Other downsides are the hour-long large-group classes, lack of schedule flexibility, and the time it can take to process applications.

You can apply to Edukita here.

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