FindTutors Review Summary

FindTutors is a marketplace for European and Latin American teachers to advertise tutoring in any subject. No qualifications are needed, sign up is quick, there is no commission, and tutors decide their pay, hours, materials and method, though they must arrange their own payment, and competition for bookings is high.

Pay (per hour):Set by tutors (£9-£17 on average)
Location requirements?17 countries in Europe and the Americas
Degree/diploma required?No
Teaching certificate required?No
Teaching experience required?No
Student ages/levels?All
Class type:1v1 online
Hours:Flexible, set by tutors

FindTutors Pros and Cons


  • Lots of freedom for tutors to decide their pay, hours, materials and teaching method
  • Low barrier to entry, with no formal qualifications required
  • Quick and simple application process
  • Free to list a limited number of ads
  • No commission fees
  • Any subject, language or discipline can be advertised
  • May offer both online and in-person tutoring


  • Tutors are expected to give the first lesson to new students for free
  • Payment from students is arranged by the tutor, not the company
  • Little quality control creates a saturation of tutors on the platform
  • No teaching materials are provided and must be devised by the tutors themselves, taking up unpaid time
  • Some questionable reviews on Trustpilot and Glassdoor

Is FindTutors Legit?

FindTutors is a legitimate online teacher marketplace that forms part of Tus Media Group alongside Classgap. Founded in 2011 and based out of Barcelona, Tus Media was acquired by GoStudent in 2022 and operates in several countries in Europe and the Americas, serving millions of students collectively. FindTutors currently has a Trustpilot score of 4.6 out of 5.

How Does FindTutors Work?

FindTutors is an online database connecting teachers with potential students. There are no restrictions on what subject, language, or level you can tutor, so long as you consider yourself ‘proficient’ or an ‘expert’.

Tutors create a profile and post advertisements for their online and/or in-person tutoring services, listing how much they charge, their level and target audience, accompanied by a descriptive heading.

FindTutors accepts no responsibility for the teaching method, materials or even payment. That is all the responsibility of the individual tutor to arrange in agreement with the student.

Students reach out to tutors via the chat function based on their previous reviews, and a free first lesson is usually offered to attract bookings. Students may also post their own calls for tutors.

Tutors are invited to publish blog posts to increase their ad visibility; here is a short video showing what to include:

FindTutors Salary Information

FindTutors pay is decided by the individual tutors themselves, based on what they wish to advertise. To set a competitive rate, it is advisable to first research what other tutors are charging for similar subjects in your area, but the average ranges between £9-£17 an hour, reflected in these broad subject areas:

Type of TuitionAverage Pay Rate (£/hr)
Private Language Lessons10-14
Private Science Lessons10-13
Private IT and Technology Lessons12-16
Private Music Lessons14-17
Tutoring and Homework Help for Primary Students9-11
Private Secondary School Tutoring10-12

Bear in mind that most tutors offer the first lesson for free on this platform.

How Do You Get Paid on FindTutors?

Unlike most teacher marketplaces, payment for any lessons arranged through FindTutors is handled independently from the platform. It is the responsibility of the individual tutors to agree a method of payment with their students, to be completed after the lesson’s conclusion.

How Does FindTutors Make Money? Do They Charge a Commission?

Another characteristic of FindTutors that marks it out as different to other teacher marketplaces is the fact that they do not deduct a commission fee from any tutoring sessions sold through the platform. Instead, they make their money by trying to upsell additional services to both tutors and students, including:

  • Unlocking a higher number of ads that a tutor or student may post and highlighting them in the search engine (‘Balance’ and ‘Featured Ad’ services)
  • Providing a visible verification to help tutors stand out amidst competitors (‘Verified Teacher’ service)
  • Increasing the number of tutors that a student may contact (‘Unlimited Pass’ service)

Note that subscriptions to these upgrades are set to auto-renew and must be canceled within a particular notice period (tutors should consult these terms and conditions before signing up).

FindTutors Application Process

It is really easy to apply for FindTutors jobs online. Simply visit the sign up page to register the account type, i.e., ‘Post a private tutor ad’. Then complete your application by:

  • Creating your profile with your:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Town/city/borough
  • Telling potential students what you teach and what your lessons are like by providing a:
    • Subject
    • Ad headline (40-130 characters)
    • Description (2,400 characters maximum)

Once you have registered this basic data, verify your email address and submit the following information for your ad to appear in the search engine:

  • How/Where will you teach? In-person and/or online?
  • Who are the lessons aimed at?
    • Infant and nursery school
    • Primary school
    • Secondary school
    • A-Level
    • University
    • Adults
    • Companies
  • Levels taught
    • Beginner
    • Low
    • Intermediate
    • Proficient
  • Price (£/hr)
  • Profile picture (upload – optional)
  • Password

You will then be able to add additional details within your personal dashboard.

FindTutors Reviews – What Is It Like Working for FindTutors?

There are currently only 2 FindTutors employee reviews on Glassdoor, and one of them is suspiciously hyperbolic in describing FindTutors as “the best company you can ever find” while advising the management to “stay the way you are”(!). The other review (shown below) is more recent, balanced but brief, praising the ability to post free ads but criticizing the lack of support for new tutors to acquire their first students or reviews:

FindTutors Glassdoor review

Indeed also only has 2 FindTutors job reviews at this time, both in Spanish, though I have provided a translation below (courtesy of Google Translate). These provide a bit more critical insight, reinforcing the impression that it is difficult to attract students on the platform, even though it offers flexibility in hours and pay:

  • “At first it is difficult to get customers. It is a very competitive job. Pros: Selection of hours and salary”
  • “From Indeed they promote it as a job offer, but it is not. They log you into their database, that’s all. Maybe some potential client will contact you, but if you want your profile to be relevant, you better pay them a monthly fee, which is not very high, okay, but I felt cheated. Then they send you a barrage of useless emails. Thanks for nothing.”
FindTutors Indeed reviews

More FindTutor reviews can be gleaned from Trustpilot, though there seem to be many positive ratings left by new tutors who have yet to teach a lesson there, which is a little dubious and means their views should be taken with a grain of salt. This lack of bookings does, however, provide additional evidence of tutor saturation:

  • “I am new here but so far I like it here, everything from registration is easy.”
  • “I receive direct mails on updates and assistance on how to get students and this has worked . Although I am yet to get a student, I know I am on track and will be getting my students soon.”
  • “Really useful format to get started with very little issues. Remarkably quick and easy to get ready”
  • “The only students I get recommended are other teachers looking for students. The platform has been confusing for me to use. I am hoping as a tackle it more, I will figure it out better. So far, I don’t feel like there are any ways for me to stand out on the platform.”
  • “Good so far! Only new to it, but the questions you answer for your profile seem as though they will be beneficial!”
  • “I just created my account so far it’s been going smoothly, hopefully I will land my first job and give a much better experience review.”
  • “I have replied to many potential students but no response so far.”

Conclusion – Is FindTutors Worth It?

FindTutors stands out amongst teacher marketplaces in avoiding mandatory fees, e.g. no commission, for using their platform. The first few ads are free, and quick and easy to post, but unless you have a particularly unique offering that stands out in an uncompetitive niche, then the chance of bookings is slim considering the unmoderated deluge of tutors there.

For alternative tutoring companies and platforms, check out our full list of online teaching jobs.

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