Review Summary is an online provider of 30-minute 1v1 English, Spanish and Portuguese conversational classes for students across the Americas. They want experienced, Native teachers of those languages, though the base pay of $4-$10/hr is low and teacher reviews are largely negative.

Base pay (per hour):$4-$10
Language requirements?Native Speaker of English, Spanish or Portuguese
Degree required?No
Teaching certificate required?No
Teaching experience required?Yes
Student levels:A0-C2
Class type:1v1 online
Class length:30 minutes

Lingo For Me Pros and Cons


  • Simple application form and relaxed interview process
  • Teaching materials provided
  • 30-minute conversational classes
  • Students of all proficiency levels


  • Low pay
  • Only for Native English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers currently
  • Unpaid staff meetings and 15-minute waiting times before class
  • Teaching materials contain errors
  • Lots of negative reviews from existing teachers

What Is Lingo For Me? (not to be confused with LingoAceLingoda, Lingostar or Lingo Live), is a legitimate language learning provider that was founded in 2018 and operates as part of FieldFor Technologies LLC. While based out of Coral Gables, Florida, the company serves students online from over 16 countries across the Americas.

Currently, only English, Spanish and Portuguese lessons are offered, though there are plans to add more languages in the future.

Lingo For Me classes are one-on-one and focused more on conversation than grammar, with the program covering 8 language proficiency levels:

Lingo For Me Levels teachers identify the linguistic weaknesses of each student and customize their classes to address these needs by drawing on an interactive methodology that includes topical discussions, reading and writing tasks, and fill-the-blank exercises.

Teaching materials are provided but contain errors. Students may also make specific requests, such as practicing a professional presentation.

Below is the company’s promotional video for some additional insight:

Lingo For Me Salary Information

Lingo For Me pay is relatively low, ranging between US$2-$5 per 30-minute class ($4-$10 an hour), though small bonuses are available on top of this.

Staff meetings are unpaid, as are the 15-minute waiting periods before each class.

A student no-show results in half pay.

Lingo For Me Hours and Schedule

Lingo For Me hours can be scheduled 24/7 with 3 hours’ notice.

Online one-on-one classes typically last 30 minutes, though you have to be logged in and available from 15 minutes beforehand (which is unpaid time).

You are also expected to attend (unpaid) staff meetings.

Lingo For Me Requirements

Lingo For Me teachers are required to be Native Speakers of English, Spanish or Portuguese, with experience of teaching their language.

Technical requirements include a computer/laptop with a compatible web browser installed (e.g., Google Chrome), a stable internet connection, a webcam and a microphone headset.

Lingo For Me Application Process

To apply for Lingo For Me Jobs, simply complete this contact form with your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Company (where do you work currently – if applicable)
  • Subject (select ‘Become a teacher’)
  • Select language(s) – English, Portuguese, and/or Spanish
  • Message (cover letter)

The Lingo For Me interview is fairly relaxed and straightforward, involving discussion around your experience and what is expected in the role.

Lingo For Me Reviews – What Is It Like Working for

The Glassdoor page provides an overall rating of 2.7 out of 5, with only 38% willing to recommend the company, though this is drawn from just 12 contributors (at the time of writing). I have collated all the teacher comments from these reviews, which talk positively about the students, flexible work arrangements, and some of the staff, though there are complaints about the pay, time zone challenges, management, mistake-ridden content, lack of scheduling boundaries, insufficient traning, and payment errors:

  • Advantages:
    • “Work from home is great
    • Great students, the most eager ones you can find.
    • The control staff is very helpful
    • The students were mostly awesome to work with and were very hard-working. The work allowed me to be flexible and cater specifically to what language struggles students had.
    • I am very happy to work from home and have flexible schedules, having more free time to dedicate to my health and family.
    • Some students are amazing is all
    • The students were some of the best I ever had, and the flexibility to make your own hours were great
    • Flexible hours. Easy going staff
    • Flexible hours but most classes available early morning or late evening”
  • Disadvantages:
    • “Time zone changing can be tricky
    • Low pay and not elegible for bonus if the student doesn’t like you.
    • Pay is dreadful, $4 an hour. They don’t have the classes updated properly so you have to prepare for a class and it’s all wrong. For a half hour class you have to be online 15 minutes before so get paid $2 for 45 minutes. The class content is badly set out and full of mistakes. Management is also awful
    • If the students doesn’t show up. They pay u half the price of the class [sic]. So for one hour class you end up getting $2 USD. It’s explotative and their supervisors are dead rude.
    • There is zero regard for your availability. You can set whatever hours work for you, but they will ask you to take on more and more classes outside of those hours and will badger you incessantly even on days you are not scheduled for any classes. You are expected to not take breaks. I was specifically told that if I worked a certain shift I would not get any breaks at all, even to use the restroom. The pay is abysmal and payroll routinely messes up your hours and you have to go back and correct them to get what you earned. The company also operates on a subscription basis and everyone is apparently on the same payment schedule so the end of the month is routinely insanely busy and they do nothing to remedy this but expect teachers to drop everything to take tons of classes with last minute notice. I was even asked to teach a class in a language I don’t speak because of their poor planning.
    • You must be online to get classes.
    • Management/ coordinators are very unorganized, they terminate employment contracts with Immediate effect for no valid reasons
    • The material is full of mistakes, the coordination team is never on the right page about anything, payments were always wrong- keep track of your own hours, and multiple times, customer service would assign me classes without my consent or knowledge, which I didn’t show up for obvious reasons, and they would write me up for that. It is a very disorganized company. I was also ignored when I asked for a raise from $4 a class and was later told that I should have received a raise a long time ago…., they are very dishonest.
    • Horrible system to save the student’s information.
    • Insufficient training given on their system only got it 4 months after starting. Class content is full of mistakes it’s embarrassing teaching from it. Have to check your hours at the end of the month as they are not always correct. Last payment of my salary they deposited into the wrong account and wouldn’t rectify it”

The Lingo For Me Indeed page is even more damning, with a 1 out of 5 score, though from just 4 reviews currently. I’ve included these below in full but, in summary, they also criticize the pay, last-minute and inconvenient scheduling, student cancellations, unpaid meetings, punitive review system, company downsizing and terminations, mental health impact, ‘unprofessional’ environment, and staff monitoring:

Lingofor.Me review
Lingo For Me review
Lingo For Me reviews

Conclusion – Is Worth It for Teachers?

The overwhelmingly negative experience of those who have worked for, coupled with their low rates of pay, means that for most teachers this opportunity will not be worthwhile.

For alternative jobs, consult our full list of online teaching companies.

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