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Purple Tutor is an Indian online tutoring company teaching coding to children. Pay is reportedly ₹55-319 ($0.67-3.91) an hour, with a Computer Science degree required. There is a 4-stage application process and 3 months’ training before you can teach, plus a minimum commitment of 120 hours a month.

Pay (an hour):₹55-319 ($0.67-3.91)*
Location / language requirements?‘Excellent Communication Skills’
Degree / diploma required?Computer Science degree
Teaching certificate required?No
Teaching experience required?Preferred
Student age (Adults/Children)?Children 6-18 years
Class size:1v1/group
Minimum hours (per month):120

Purple Tutor Pros and Cons


  • Teaching materials provided
  • Flexible hours
  • Supportive management and mentors


  • Only open to coders with a Computer Science degree
  • Pay is not advertised and is reported to be low
  • Must commit to 120 hours a month
  • 4-stage application process and 3-month training program before teaching
  • Must be comfortable following lesson plans strictly

Is Purple Tutor Legit?

Purple Tutor is a relatively new but legitimate online tutoring platform, based in India and specifically aimed at coding. It was founded in 2019 by graduates from prestigious colleges such as Carnegie Mellon University and global tech leaders like Amazon, and has raised $1.97million in funding to date. Its legitimacy is underlined by being STEM.org-accredited, having featured on major media outlets such as Yahoo and CNBC, and collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Graduate School of Education in the design of its curriculum. Purple Tutor has seen 14x growth over 12 months (described in the video below), with more than 200,000 students from 100+ countries:

What Is Purple Tutor?

Puple Tutor provides live, 1-hour coding lessons for children from over 100 countries between the ages of 6-18 years. The company offers group bootcamps, school classes, and 1v1 courses on 3D game development, space tech, and math. Teachers must be comfortable learning to work on different platforms and following lesson plans strictly.

Here is a short video demonstrating Purple Tutor’s approach to teaching:

Purple Tutor Teacher Salary

Unfortunately, Purple Tutor salary information is not widely shared online. We did contact the company about this but they failed to comment. Glassdoor reports the Purple Tutor pay rate for Online Coding Instructors/Tutors/Teachers as ranging between ₹55-319 (US$0.67-$3.91 at the current exchange rate).

Purple Tutor Hours

Purple Tutor coding classes last 60 minutes and are available 24/7. Teachers must commit to a minimum of 120 hours a month and 2-5 hours daily.

Purple Tutor Requirements

To apply for a Purple Tutor job as a Coding Instructor, you must:

  • Hold a degree in Computer Science (B.Tech/BE/BSc. IT or similar field)
  • Be someone who enjoys teaching children
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Commit to teaching 2-5 hours daily
  • Possess a good laptop/desktop computer for online classes, with mic/speaker or headset, and a broadband internet connection of 2/3mbps (test your internet speed)

Having previous teaching experience is preferred.

Purple Tutor Recruitment Process

Teachers applying for a Purple Tutor vacancy must go through a 5-stage selection process that will be conducted online and over the telephone:

  1. Screening: Every teacher has to meet strict eligibility requirements
  2. Written test: To check your analytical skills & subject knowledge
  3. Communication assessment: To assess your ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  4. Conceptual clarity assessment: To ensure that you have a strong grasp of coding skills
  5. Teaching quality & demo: To assess your ability to teach online

There is then a 3-month training program before you will be onboarded for teaching.

To begin your application, complete the Purple Tutor teacher registration form with the following details:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Upload resume
  • Cover message

During the Purple Tutor interview, you will be asked about basic coding principles, as well as your professional and teaching experience. Here are some Purple Tutor interview questions that have previously been asked:

  • What is coding?
  • What are loops, functions, strings, variables, datatypes, etc.?
  • What are loops in python?
  • How do you make a kid understand about coding, loops, etc.?
  • What is a list and tuple?
  • Why do you want to be a teacher?

For the Purple Tutor demo, you will be given a lesson plan to conduct a class over 30-60 minutes.

Purple Tutor Reviews

The Purple Tutor Glassdoor page gives the company a rating of 4 out of 5, with 78% willing to recommend them, though this average comes from all employees. We have thus collated the comments from the Purple Tutor teacher reviews only, which praise the flexible hours, timely salary, and support from management and mentors, though there is criticism regarding the pay and number of hours required for a decent income:

  • Advantages:
    • “Freelancing flexible work hours available
    • [Get to] Update our knowledge by teaching
    • Time is flexible so we can focus on other chores
    • Best place to work. Salary on time
    • Good for females who wants [sic] to give more time to their families
    • Very good to work with
    • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Teaching students how to code
    • Provide flexibility of time for working
    • 1 Work from home 2 Time flexibility 3 Get paid for the number of hours you work
    • Flexibility and management is good. On time salaries.
    • Best place to work. Flexible time, mentors are friendly
    • Wonderful startup, the team is very supportive and encouraging, am enjoying working here
  • Disadvantages:
    • Time management is a concern
    • To get a good salary we have to work more than 8 hrs
    • Fixed timings are so difficult to manage
    • Too many minimum working hours
    • I don’t get [a] fixed payout
    • 1 We have to be patient so as to get the conversions 2 Sometimes due to internet issues we have to reschedule the sessions
    • Less pay for an hour that is [₹]3OO/- per session”

Conclusion – Is Purple Tutor Good for Online Teachers?

While they state no nationality or location requirements, it does appear that Purple Tutor is primarily geared towards recruiting Indian tutors, despite their global student-base. Though there is nothing prohibiting teachers applying from elsewhere, the reported pay is likely too low for most costs of living. There are other negatives too, such as the rigorous application and training process, and not all teachers will be comfortable sticking to a strict lesson plan. You may wish to first explore some alternative online teaching options. Otherwise, you can apply for Purple Tutor teaching jobs here.

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