All Right English Review Summary

All Right is a lesser-known company from Eastern Europe that hires C1 English speakers on $10-12 an hour to teach children 1v1 online. You must either have a degree or a teaching certificate and be able to commit to 15+ hours a week, though very few teacher reviews exist to reveal what it is like working there.

Pay (per hour):$10-$12
Native / Non-Native Speakers accepted?Both
TEFL / TESOL / CELTA required?No*
Degree / diploma required?No*
Adults / child students?Children
Class size:1
Minimum hours (per week):15

All Right English Pros and Cons


  • Accepts both Native and Non-Native Speakers
  • Quick and simple application process
  • All Right pays conversion costs and payment transfer fee
  • Students usually stay with the same teacher


  • Lowish pay
  • Minimum commitment of 15 peak hours a week
  • Almost no teacher reviews available

What Is All Right ESL and Is All Right English Legit?

All Right English school is a legitimate online ESL company, started in 2017, which has a Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5. Launched by Oleg Oksyuk and his team who have been involved in other EdTech startups such as SkyEng and 51Talk, it has expanded out of Russia and Ukraine into Poland, Spain and Latin America with the help of $5 million of funding from Genesis Investments. With triple year-on-year growth, they have delivered over a million lessons, with more than 50,000 All Right English online sessions being taught to 28,000 children every month.

All Right Online Teaching

All Right English teaching is primarily delivered one-on-one with children between the ages of 3-15 years. Students usually stay with the same teacher for all of their All Right classes, which last 25 or 55 minutes.

The All Right English curriculum is based around Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers, and a library of resources is provided to teachers through Google Drive. Lessons are game-based, with half the time being dedicated to speaking practice.

New All Right teachers are not rated and are prioritized until they have taught 20 lessons. From that point, a drop in ratings reduces the chance of receiving new students.

All Right offers perks, such as a free TEFL course, the more lessons that you teach with them:

All Right teacher rewards

Here is a short video showing what an All Right English lesson is like:

How Much Does All Right English Pay?

The All Right English pay rate is between US$10-$12 per hour, depending on experience, qualifications, location and nationality.

There is a referral program where teachers can earn between $30-$50 for each new hire they help recruit who successfully teaches 20 lessons.

How Does All Right Pay?

All Right offers payment through PayPal and Payoneer every 2 weeks on a Monday, if you have earned at least $50 (otherwise it will carry over). If using Payoneer, All Right will cover the conversion costs and $3 transfer fee.

All Right English Hours

All Right peak hours are 4-9pm (Central European Time), Monday to Friday, and 9am-9pm on weekends.

There is a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week during peak times.

Lessons are 25 or 55 minutes long, and are booked at least 4 hours in advance.

Teachers may request leave with 14 days’ notice.

The All Right cancellation policy is:

  • Teachers can cancel a lesson 12+ hours in advance with no deductions
  • If a teacher cancels a (confirmed or unconfirmed) lesson less than 12 but more than 2 hours in advance, 50% of their rate will be deducted
  • If a teacher cancels a lesson less than 2 hours in advance or is absent, 100% of the rate will be deducted

All Right ESL Requirements

All Right are fairly inclusive with their teacher requirements:

  • C1 English skills are mandatory (multilingual teachers are preferred)
  • No Nationality restrictions (both Native and Non-Native Speakers accepted)
  • Hold either a degree or a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate
  • Must be comfortable using web conferencing software and have access to a modern laptop/desktop computer with webcam, microphone, 4GB RAM, and a minimum internet speed of 15mbps (you can test your internet connection here)
  • Available for 15 hours during peak times on both weekdays and weekends
  • Be a passionate, lifelong learner who adores teaching children

All Right Application Process

To begin an All Right teacher application, register here with your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Nationality of passport
  • Languages spoken

You will automatically be invited to a video interview via an emailed link.

All Right ESL Interview Questions

You have 48 hours to record your automated video interview, which consists of 8 questions lasting 16 minutes in total (including countdowns).

The All Right interview can be taken through the Chrome browser on a computer or smartphone (iPhone users will have to download the Hireflix app first), and camera access must be granted.

Answers must be provided in English.

You have 30 seconds to compose your answer after being presented with a question, and are allowed 1 reattempt.

These are the All Right interview questions we were asked:

  1. Self-introduction (1 min) – “Introduce yourself. You’ll have one minute to tell us about yourself.”
  2. Education (1 min) – “Tell us about your education and/or teaching certificate. We require a Bachelors degree in Education (or similar) OR a teaching certificate (TESOL/TESL/TEFL/CELTA/other, which gives you the right to teach ESL)”
  3. Languages (1 min) – “What languages do you speak? At what level? What is your mother tongue?”
  4. Experience (1 min) – “How long have you been teaching English (in years)? Tell about your experience teaching kids up to 12 years old, both online and offline.”
  5. Students’ age (1 min) – “What is the youngest age of students you have worked with? Are you ready to work with 3 y.o. students?”
  6. Materials & Methods (1 min) – “Which materials and teaching methods do you use when teaching young learners?”
  7. Working Schedule (1 min) – “At what hours are you available to teach at AllRight? Our peak hours are from 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends. Our minimum is 15 hours of availability in the peak time.”
  8. Mini lesson (5 min) – “Imagine that you are having a lesson with a 7 y.o. student, Beginner/Elementary level. You will need to record a 5-minute demo lesson, using any materials you prefer.”

You should receive a response to your All Right English application within 2 weeks, unless unsuccessful.

All Right English Reviews

There are almost no reviews available from actual All Right English teachers, which is a little surprising considering the company is 5 years old. Of course, bad news travels faster than good, and if people were experiencing major problems there then they would more likely be circulated, which perhaps provides some reassurance. All Right is very well reviewed from the student perspective, judging from Trustpilot. All we found from the teachers’ side was this Reddit thread, where communication appears to be an issue:

All Right English Reddit review

If you have any personal experience of All Right English that you would be willing to share, then please reach out here.

Conclusion – Is All Right English Worth It?

While there is some trepidation in applying to a company without much insight from others who have worked there, the quick and easy application process and inclusive requirements means that little is lost in trying All Right English during these competitive times. That is, if you are willing to accept the relatively low pay and 15 hours a week commitment.

You can apply to All Right English here.

A full list of other online teaching companies can be found here.

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