HeyTutor Review Summary

HeyTutor hires US residents who have attended university to teach 250+ K-12, college and professional subjects. The application and interview is quick, teachers decide their schedule and rate, and payments are daily. There is more demand for in-person tutoring than online and bookings vary between subjects and seasons.

Pay (per hour):$25-40*
Native / Non-Native Speakers accepted?US residents
TEFL / TESOL / CELTA required?No
Degree / diploma required?Yes**
Adult / child students?Both
Class size:1
Minimum hours (per week):0
*HeyTutor recommended rate, decided by teacher
**or be attending

HeyTutor Review Pros and Cons


  • Minimum pay rate is higher than many companies
  • Multiple ways to earn, e.g. matched tutoring, job applications, course creation
  • Daily payouts, with payments issued 3-4 days after a lesson
  • Over 250 subjects can be taught
  • You decide the notice period required for a student cancelation and receive full pay if not met
  • Relatively quick application and interview process


  • Only United States residents can apply
  • Only a small proportion of jobs are online, with more demand for in-person tutoring
  • Candidates must pay for a background check to be considered for ‘Pro’ clients
  • Bookings can be difficult for some subjects, especially during summer

Is HeyTutor Legit?

HeyTutor is a legitimate tutoring platform with a Trustpilot score of 4.3 out of 5, that connects over 30,000 teachers with adult and child students across the United States. The company was founded in 2016, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and it claims that ‘hundreds of new students sign up every day’ to receive tutoring in over 250 subjects spanning K-12, college, graduate and professional levels.

How Does HeyTutor Work?

HeyTutor acts as both a traditional tutoring company and a teacher marketplace, but without the commission charges that usually come with the latter. Though they offer online options (which you can express a preference for), you will find more HeyTutor opportunities if you are also able to conduct in-person tutoring in your local area.

Teachers set up a profile, which students (or their parents) can browse and choose from, specific HeyTutor jobs are advertised that you can apply for directly, and there is a ‘concierge matching service’ where the company will directly connect their ‘Pro’ clients (who pay extra) with the most suitable (background-checked) tutors for their needs.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity to create pre-recorded courses, from which you can receive a passive income from student views. To take advantage of this, choose from over 500 topics and submit a lesson plan and presentation to HeyTutor. If selected, the company invites you to film at their studio, where they will then edit and advertise your course.

Here is a video showing you the HeyTutor website and some of its functionality:

How Much Does HeyTutor Pay?

You decide your own HeyTutor salary, and can set your hourly rate anywhere between $20-$100, though the company recommends an amount between $25-$40 for greater success. There is also the additional opportunity to earn passive income by creating courses.

Despite bearing a resemblance to a teacher marketplace, there is no HeyTutor commission rate, and the company explicitly asserts that ‘no fees are taken out of your lesson earnings’.

You can decide your required notice period for a student cancelation, and if they fail to meet that, you will receive full payment for that lesson.

HeyTutor processes payouts every business day and you will receive a payment 3-4 business days following a lesson. This is automatically deposited into your bank account.

HeyTutor Hours

There are no minimum hours, and you decide which students you wish to take on. HeyTutor tutors schedule their own availability according to these blocks of time, Sunday to Saturday:

  • Morning (before 12pm)
  • Afternoon (12-5pm)
  • Evening (after 5pm)

To appear higher in the search results and receive more HeyTutor hours/bookings, the company recommends that you:

  • Complete lesson reviews – How have your past students rated your skills?
  • Log in more – this helps you rank higher
  • Respond quickly to student messages
  • Display testimonials from previous students – new tutors may transfer up to 10 reviews to the platform from external clients
  • Use your qualifications, experience and pictures to make your profile stand out

HeyTutor Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Currently residing in the United States
  • Graduate or current student from a ‘well-known’ university

You will only need to pass a background check (at your expense) if you wish to be considered for HeyTutor Pro students.

HeyTutor Hiring Process

The HeyTutor application process is relatively streamlined and can be completed within a week. To become a tutor, visit the HeyTutor sign up page and click on the ‘Next Step’ button until you come to a form, where you submit the following details:

  • Basic information
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Address (Street/City/State)
    • ZIP code
    • Phone number
    • Password and confirmation
  • Rate and Policy
    • Agree that ‘Job rates are not fixed and vary based on various factors that relate to the student’s specific requirements. Choose your requested rate and [HeyTutor] will incorporate that into determining what is offered.’
    • Set requested rate – $20-$100 per hour (To get the most jobs, HeyTutor recommends setting a rate between $25-$40 per hour)
  • Education and Certification
    • School
    • Major
    • Type of Degree
    • Graduated (date)
  • Profile settings (Students will see this information when they click on your page – this is your chance to sell yourself to prospective students. Write everything that you want potential students to see)
    • Upload photo
    • Title (e.g. ‘UCLA Aerospace Engineering Graduate with 8+ Years of Tutoring Experience‘)
    • Write everything you want your students to know about you (e.g. ‘I have a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA and have 8 years of extensive experience tutoring students of all ages. I truly specialize in exam prep. I believe in providing tutoring sessions in which I can incorporate concepts in a fun and concise manner. I have a broad conceptual understanding of mathematics at an advanced level and strive to convey my love for math onto my students. My mission is to help you succeed in your respective endeavors, whether it is by helping you with homework or preparing for your next big test!‘)
  • Tutoring Subjects
    • Select from among 250 sub-topics within the clusters of ACT, SAT, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Test Preparation, Language, Professional, Computer, Art, Music, Athletics, Other.
  • Independent Tutor Agreement
    • You are authorized to work in the United States and are at least 18 years old
    • You knowingly and voluntarily agree to be bound by all terms and conditions
    • Agree to use electronic records and signatures
    • Agree to payment policy, the Stripe Connected Account Agreement
    • Your digital signature should match your first and last name
    • Agree to terms of use
    • Submit Application

Once submitted, it will take up to 2 business days for your application to be reviewed.

HeyTutor Interview

Should your initial application pass review, you will be invited to conduct a 15-minute interview via telephone or Google Meet, where HeyTutor will verify the information you provided.

This is a list of previous HeyTutor interview questions that were asked of candidates:

  • Tell me about yourself and your experience with students.
  • What is your educational background? What colleges and high schools did you attend?
  • What is your work experience?
  • How much tutoring experience do you have?
  • What experience do you have in your particular subject area?
  • What have you been searching for in a job?
  • What ages/grade levels do you prefer working with?
  • Do you get along well with children?
  • Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  • What pay are you looking for?
  • What are your preferred hours and availability?
  • Do you have your own transportation? (for in-person tutoring)

You will have to pay for a background check if you wish to be considered for ‘Pro’ clients.

HeyTutor Reviews

The HeyTutor Glassdoor page gives the company an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, with 74% willing to recommend them to a friend. These scores are brought down by negative HeyTutor employee reviews left predominantly by members of the recruitment team. If you filter these out by ‘tutor’, you are left with 19 reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5 with a 99% recommendation:

  • These teacher reviews talk positively about the flexibility, straightforward application, money that can be made, regular and quick payment system, easy-to-use platform, customer service and administration.
  • More negative comments concern the lack of resources and training, limited options for some topics, and level of competition with other HeyTutor tutors.
  • There are mixed comments about management and the number of hours that are available (which probably varies depending on subject).

Here are a selection of recent examples:

In comparison, the HeyTutor Indeed page gives the company an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. Again, the negative HeyTutor job reviews here predominantly come from recruiters, not tutors. There are similarly positive comments concerning pay and flexibility, mixed views on management, and warnings about seasonality and lower bookings during the summer:

Conclusion – Is HeyTutor Good?

Their quick and simple application process and speedy payouts make HeyTutor a good option if you meet their requirements, are open to in-person tutoring, and can teach multiple subjects. Those who are restricted to online teaching in more-competitive subjects may find it difficult to find bookings.

You can apply to join on the HeyTutor website.

A full list of other online teaching companies can be found here.

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